trailer lights

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trailer lights

Post by atles »

Hi again ever one ;)

with the trailer lights,do you guys have the ones that are on the mudguards or the a bar at the back
i had a bar at the back but got sick of taking it off all the time

but how long do the lights work when you keep putting them in the sea :?
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Re: trailer lights

Post by Yara50 »

After lots of frustrations, when the lights always had one that would not work, I replaced with sealed LED lights. Still take them off before launching. Mine are the split type, which are clamped onto the trailer and removable with the rego plate. Don't know the QLD regs, but it might be easier to mount off the boat transom, but still a bit of mucking around before and after launch.

The other point of problems is the plug connection to the tow vehicle. They often have poor contact. Thee plugs usually have pins with a slit down the middle. Opening the slit up a bit with a screwdriver helps with the contact, as well as doing a bit of a jiggle as you insert the plug.
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