Tasmanian I563 on Gumtree

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Tasmanian I563 on Gumtree

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Hi all,

Although I've been inactive for a few years there's no doubting that I still love the Investigator trailer sailer.
I'm on the hunt for another keelboat and as much as I'd love to have another I563 but my Hybrid just won't tow it. Actually, my Hybrid won't tow anything, heck, I doubt it could pull the skin off a custard.

https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sisters ... 1234333829

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Re: Tasmanian I563 on Gumtree

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You are still looking at Investigators so maybe the Hybrid's days are numbered. This boat is about the same vintage as Bultaco so it would make a good replacement.

I'm pretty sure that this one is Procrastinator with the name rubbed off the side. Guess the owner didn't get around to painting on the new name. Looks to be a good unmolested example of an Investigator.

Here is the boat as featured in Gumtree:
and here is the photo when advertised for sale in 2008.
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