Launch and Retrieve

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Launch and Retrieve

Post by Yara50 »

With a tilt trailer, it is not necessary to fully submerge the trailer. The trailer tilts, and the boat slides off or on.
P5190768 (Small).JPG
This depth on a 1:12 ramp is slightly more than minimum. Motor is normally tilted out of the way.
In this shot I was trying to measure how far off the water the prop is, with a view to starting the motor before launching, a la powerboat style. Normally the motor is tilted up and away.

See also ... ?f=5&t=158

If you dont have a tilt trailer it is more of a pain:
Launching without tilting
But still possible with a bit of a push:
P1200118 (Small).JPG
Needs a bit of help
With tilt, and the wheels only half submerged, she can shoot off like a rocket, and you need to make sure you don't get tangled in the bow line.
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Re: Launch and Retrieve

Post by geoffr »

That's great Ian!

Many thanks for posting these images; they are very encouraging!

I'm still getting used to launching at the relatively new ramps at St Helen's (North Geelong) and have not yet used the tilt function on my trailer there.

However, I'll give it a whirl on Sunday (weather permitting) and let you know.

Do you use the same technique for retrieval?

I find the boat lines up very nicely into the Manta trailer I have, with the keel ensuring good alignment as I wind her home.

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Re: Launch and Retrieve

Post by Andrew »

Thanks for the posts, discussion and pictures on this topic.
My trailer is in its final stages of rebuilding. the tilt mechanism is rebuilt and single keel rollers replaced with double rollers. Drawbar extended. Relaunch day should be interesting..
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