Death of the two stroke?

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Re: Death of the two stroke?

Post by Raya »

Maybe you could donate your old outboard to the Townsville Maritime Museum. They have a good collection of old outboards, including some early examples of Australian made models.

I didn't see Teria when I was up in Townsville last week even though I kept a lookout for it (from the Marlin Bar at Horseshoe Bay.)
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Good selection of Seagull outboards plus an Aussie made "Gold Cheetah"
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Re: Death of the two stroke?

Post by Andrew »

Those outboards look a bit older than the old Johnson! Sorry, Didn't make it to Horseshoe Bay on the shakedown trip, heavy winds and seas that day and still getting used to things/new motor, so high-tailed back to the duckpond/casino anchorage to get a good nights rest. My weather picking skill was rusty and enthusiasm to just get launched/ floating again overode everything. The Tohatsu makes for good calm water motor-cruising, so changing sailing game plan from "wait till the wind comes up" to "motor away while its calm".
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